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New Coast Guard Phone App - Looks like a very useful phone app from USCG
Wind Map - Wind direction and speed map
Surface temps for Ludington - Offshore surface temperatures
Bouy -North Lake Michigan - NOAH bouy off Manitou Island
Bouy - South Lake Michigan - Bouy SE of Milwaukee
Bouy - Ludington Research - Buoy NE of Ludington Harbor
Local Weather Forecast - Local weather reports and 7 day forecast
Wunderground Weather - A very good local weather report with wind speed and direction forcasts
Depth Currents - Simulated Lake Currents
Canning Salmon - How to can salmon by the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks - Site for fish and game recipes
Catch & Cook Ludington - Caught in Ludington and cooked at Jamesport Brewing.
Catch & Cook Program - fish handling - Video relating to handling fish as part of the Catch & Cook program
How to cook salmon - Great ways to prepare your catch
Ludington Visitor Guide - Request a Vistor's Guide for Ludington
37 Easy Salmon Recipes - 37 Great Recipes to prepare your catch
2015 DNR Fish Consumption Guide - DNR Fish consumption guidelines,4612,7-132-54783_54784_54785-301465--,00.html
2014 Salmon Ambassador Results - Graphic results from the 2014 Salmon Ambassador program
2016 Master Angler form - DNR Master Angler form
Tournament Trail Magazine 2015 - 2015 Tournament Trail Magazine
2015 Fishing Regulations - 2015 DNR Fishing Regulations flip book
Michigan Fishing Regulations - Online Michigan Fishing Regulations
Ludington Municipal Marina - Ludington's public marina
Pure Michigan Fishing - Pure Michigan Fishing video. Much of the action was shot in Ludington or on the Pere Marquette river.
Pure Michigan - Salmon Fishing - Pure Michigan video shot in Ludington
Michigan DNR -
Buy a License on line - Buy your licenses here
Ludington Offshore Classic - Site for the biggest salmon tournament on Lake Michigan
2015 Predator-Prey Relationship - Randy Claramunt, Fisheries Research Biologist with Michigan DNR, discussed a predator-prey ratio for Chinook salmon and alewife in Lake Michigan at Michigan Sea Grant's Ludington Regional Fishery Workshop on January 10, 2015.
Lake Michigan's Lower Food Web and Changes in Alewife Condition and Diet - Steve Pothoven, NOAA/GLERL Fishery Biologist, discussed changes in alewife diet and condition and other issues with Lake Michigan's lower food web at Michigan Sea Grant's Ludington Regional Fishery Workshop on January 10, 2015.
Mass Marking of Great Lakes Salmonines - Ludington Workshop 2015
Tribal Efforts to Restore Native Cisco - From 2015 Ludington Workshop
MCBA Renewal form - MCBA on-line renewal form. You can pay on-line too.
Salmon In The Classroom - Salmon In The Classroom -Ludington. Mark Willis shows the eggs about to hatch
Salmon IN The Classroom #2 - Salmon In The Classroom- Ludington. Mark Willis shows the fry in the tank.
Salmon In The Classroom video - Salmon in the classroom-Ludington video provided by Kelly Hatch Jan 23, 2014
Salmon in the classroom - 3.12.14 - March 12.14 Update on the salmon fry
Asian Carp - Video on Asian Carp from North American Fishing Club
Fish On For Freedom - Great event for veterans. First event was June 25, 2015
Sea Grant Fish Notes Jan 2014 - Michigan Sea Grant information including the 2014 Ludington Sea Grant meeting
DNR Central Lake Management - 2015 DNR newsletter re Central Michigan area
MCBA - MCBA Home site
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council - To inform and educate anglers, boaters and the general public about natural resource conservation and enhancement.
Ludington C of C - Ludington Area Chamber of Commerce
Ludington Dailey News - Local Ludington Newspaper
MCBA Drug Program pt 1 - Drug Program for Captains
MCBA Drug Program Pt 2 - MCBA Drug program for captains -youtube
MCBA Drug program pt3 - MCBA Drug program for captains - youtube
Health Issues related to USCG License renewal - MCBA video - Health Issues relative to renewal of your charterboat captain license.
MCBA Emergency Check List - Print off a new Emergency Check List