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Book A Fishing Charter Today

Booking a charter trip is easy. The prime fishing season is May through September; with the peak season generally considered as July/August. Pick a date when you will be in the area. Then check our listing of LCBA captains. You can contact the captain by email or call them at their listed number. You can also call 800-927-3470 and we will provide captains to call. Call or e-mail your captain and he will then confirm available dates and other details related to your charter. Generally, a deposit is required to hold the date. Click here to see a list of Ludington charter boat Captains.


Why Use A Licensed Captain?

It goes without saying that all of our captains are great fisherman.  All of our captains are also licensed.  All of our boats have passed strict safety inspections.  It is illegal for a person to provide a charter trip in Michigan without a proper license. With a licensed captain you are assured that your captain is trained in boating safety and nautical skills. All LCBA captains are United States Coast Guard licensed for the Great Lakes and all charter boats are state inspected. Michigan and Indiana are the only states on the Great Lakes that require inspections of their charter boats. All captains are required to be enrolled in a drug testing program. With a licensed captain you are assured your trip will be safe and pleasurable.
Click here to see a list of Ludington charter boat Captains.


Picking a LCBA Captain

All of our captains are USCG licensed pros. All of our boats are inspected to insure your safety. Here are some considerations to picking a specific captain to contact:
Boat size - Larger boats provide more room for larger parties (6 max) and other accommodations such as roomier, enclosed bathrooms. They also tend to cost more due to higher associated fuel, docking and maintenance costs.
Marina - There are several marinas in Ludington. While all marinas offer parking and bathroom accommodations, you may find one marina more convenient than another based upon where you are staying.
Special needs- Some boats/ marinas are better able to accommodate special needs such as wheelchair access. Your captain can confirm capabilities.
Captain reputation - Some captains command a higher fee just because of their reputation and proven success such as winning major salmon fishing tournaments.
Word of mouth - Contacting a friend who has used a charter boat is a great way to confirm that the boat you choose will be able to provide the experience and accommodations you desire.
Services - Most captains provide all of the equipment you need. Most will also filet and bag your fish. Ask your captain what services are included.
Price - Rates vary by boat, time of year, length of trip, morning vs afternoon, number of customers, etc. You may find a rate that better reflects your exact needs. Most charter boat websites display rates.  Click here to see a list of Ludington charter boat Captains.